John or Uriel Churley

John or Uriel Churley

Male Abt 1690 -

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  • Name John or Uriel Churley 
    Born Abt 1690 
    Gender Male 
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    Family Patienta or Grace Churly,   b. Abt 1690, Uffculme, Devon Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Married 31 Oct 1710  Burlescombe, Devon Find all individuals with events at this location 
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     1. George Churley
     2. Elizabeth Churley,   c. 2 Jun 1712
     3. Elizabeth Churley,   c. 11 Apr 1719
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  • Notes 

      At the time of writing,(circa 1983) we are able to show the direct line of descent, commencing with the marriage of GEORGE CHURLEY to MARY FARR at Uffculme on 8th June 1736. However so far we have been unable to trace this to George Churley’s ancestors with any degree of accuracy (see GEORGE l).

      During the period prior to about 1715, when presumably George would have been born, it is clear that the various Parish Registers were largely incomplete. For example, between 1675 and 1720 not only are odd years missing from the TIVERTON Register, but the vital years 1606 to 1712 record no baptisms at all. Similarly, there are many gaps in the BURLESCOMBE Register between 1700 and 1712 - just the period during which George may have been born. There were many Churlys living at CULMSTOCK and. UFFCULME around 1710 but there are no records of baptisms.

      However, I will later make some suggestions as to GEORGE CHURLEY’S possible ancestors, but before doing so, it may be helpful to consider the difficulties of tracing the family history during the 16th and 17th Centuries.

      For the 16th Century there do not appear to be in existence any parish records for parishes in this eastern part of Devon other than those of UFFCULME, which, although difficult to read, commence with the year 1538, the year when under Henry VIII parish records started to be kept.

      The Baptismal Registers at CULMSTOCK date from 1645 and the Marriage Registers from 1646, but the entries for 1677, 1678, 1685, 1687, 1688 and. 1689 are missing. HEMY0CK starts at 1602. Both WILLAND and UPLOWMAN commence at the early part of the 17th Century and TIVERTON and CULLUMPTON both towards the end of the 17th Century. However, in a book on Devon Place Names, it mentions CHURLEYS COTTAGE associated with WILLIAM CHURLEY in 1543 at UPLOWMAN in the HALBERTON HUNDRED.
      It is not surprising that, for a number of years after 1692, there would appear to be laxity in registering baptisms, because in that year entries in parish registers were subject to tax. However, marriages are well recorded after 1699 when the maintaining of a separate Register of Banns became the law.
      Looking back to the middle of the 17th Century, small matters such as registering a birth or the parish clergy keeping proper records were completely overshadowed by the outbreak of the Civil War in 1642 and 1645. There was bloody fighting in the West Country - the opposing armies living off the animals and crops of the local farms, and the King’s Commissioners demanding heavy taxes from the people of Devon to pay for the ammunition and arms of the troops who had been conscripted locally for the King’s army. Before Fairfax defeated the King and Prince Rupert at Nazeby, the Royalists were in this part of Devon, holding Tiverton and Lyme Regis, with Cromwell’s troops in Taunton. By October 1645, Tiverton to the west and Chard to the south-east fell to the Government, so the Churley country of East Devon must have been a bad place to be - most of the yeomen were bankrupted by the taxes or the pillaging and destruction of their property.

      During Cromwell’s years of rule until 1660, the Churches suffered greatly and after the Restoration the West Country seems to have been in turbulence, culminating in 1685 when the Duke of Monmouth landed about 20 miles south of the Culm Valley and. once again a rebel army of 7,000 was raised from the West Country villages and towns, but was routed at the Battle of Sedgemoor some 25 miles east of Culmstock and Uffculme.

      During the years following the Civil War, i.e. the 1640’s and 50’s, there seems to have been five separate families of Churly at CULMSTOCK, then a small market town, having a considerable woollen industry and with twice the population that it now has. It would be interesting to know on which side these Churlys fought or had sympathies with, both during the Civil War and forty years later during the Monmouth Rebellion.


      The first mention of the family is WILLIAM CHURLEY, who lived at CHURLEYS COTTAGE, UPLOWMAN in 1543, and. then in the UFFCULME Parish Register towards the end of the reign of King Henry VIII, when the baptism of ELIZABETH CHURLYE or CHORLYE is recorded as 15th March 1544. In April 1553 a JONE CHURLEY was baptized and it is recorded that in April 1569 the Bastard son of JONE CHURLEY was baptized; however, three months later, on 27th June 1569, JONE CHURLEY married JOHN ELLES at UFFCULME.

      It is of interest to recall that, although JOSIAH the son of ROBERT CHURLYE was baptised at Uffculme in January 1582, when ROBERT died in TIVERTON in 1587 (assuming it was the same Robert), his Will mentions his wife ELIZABETH and four daughters; but no sons - presumably poor JOSIAH did not live. However, there would appear to have been at least one large family of Churleys living at MILVERTON - just over the boarder in Somerset - in the later years of the 16th Century, until at least 1616.

      It is most surprising that, although the MILVERTON parish records from 1539 to 1730 were searched, no single birth or baptism was found, in spite of there being records of the following marriages: -.
      29.7.1592. Henrie Churley and Emmyn Hellinge.
      25.10.1595. Agnes Churley and. William Leekey.
      31.1.1599. Thomas Churley and Elizabeth Chibbett.
      5.11.1599. Alice Churly and Richard Staple.
      28.11.1601. Thomas Churley and. Marie Gill.
      13.11.1602. John Churley and. Hester Boyce.
      30.11.1616. Robert Churlie and Joan Hunniwell.

      N.B. After the above, there are no records of Churleys in MILVERTON, except that “JOAN CHURLY of MILVERTON” married Richard. Mede at ASHBRITTLE on 15.2.1717, but there are many CHORLEYS mentioned. However, years later there must have been CHURLEYS in MILVERTON because at HEMYOCK on 5. 2.1672 a HENRY CHURLEY of MILVERTON” married. a Johan Bond.


      In the early years of the 17th Century there were Churleys in the small parish of Uplowman, in Uffculme and. Culmstock.

      UPLOWMAN On 4th May 1616 WILLIAM son of JOHN CHURELEY was baptized in UPLOWMAN CHURCH and on 20th June 1619 MARY the daughter of ZACHARY CHURLEY was also baptized. (This same MARY was in 1624 left a sum of 20 shillings under the Will of JOHN OSMOND of CHILLOWMAN near HALBERTON).

      It is further recorded that in 1623 THOMAS CHURLEY (a TAYLOR) of UPLOWMAN left 20 shillings to ELIZABETH daughter of JAMES CHURLEY.

      No further mention of the family at UPLOWMAN is recorded until 1704 when a MARY CHURLY is buried.

      UFFCULME During the 17th Century the name CHURLEY seldom appears in the records of UFFCULME Parish Church, but the baptismal records for 1619 to 1680 are very indistinct. However, an important entry is that showing JOHN CHURLE of GADDON having a daughter ALLICE in 1633, and in JUNE 1638 another daughter JOAN “by Augustine his wife”, and in May 1637 and November 1653 JOHN. His wife AGNES registered the births of ROBERT and MELLONY.

      However, the next clear entry and the last in this Century in the Uffculme Parish Register is the baptism of NICHOLAS son of JOHN CHURLEY of CULMSTOCK on 15th January 1657.

      If the entry referred to above of JOHN CHURLE of GADDON is correct, it would seem that the family remained in GADDON for another 200 years (until 1829) when a THOMAS CHURLEY sold the original house and. land.

      A book on Devon Place Names (pages 553, etc.) records that GADDON HOUSE was GATTON in 1249, becoming known as GADDON by 1408 and 1413. The meaning of the name is given as “GOAT FARM or HILL” and today the description could be apt.

      GADDON is and was in the parish of UPFCULME in the BAMPTON HUNDRED but now consists of two farms and two houses on the north west slope of GADDON DOWN, which is a long saddle-back hill rising about 200 ft. from CRADDOCK in the north east, running south west for about a mile and overlooking UFFCULME and. the CULM VALLEY. The two houses and farms have commanding views over the valley and the town and both GADDON and GADDON HOUSE are now of QUEEN ANNNE style.
      CULMSTOCK There must have been many families of CHURLYE living within the parish of Culmstock, which is adjacent to UFFCULME, but the earliest Parish Records are from 1645 and show during the next ten years five separate families, some of which may well have been involved in the woollen cloth trade with its centre in TIVERTON. During the 1670’s a the manufacture of serge had started in a big way and the Churleys may well have in this period supplied the mills and employed the labour for its manufacture, as clearly they were doing prior to 1711 (see Indentures, etc.)

      In the 1690’s Holland was the greatest customer for the Devonshire serge and in many cases Dutch bricks were often brought back as ballast to Topsham. An early and interesting brick building is the Ayshford School at UFFCULME, which is dated 1705. The Ayshford family living at nearby BURLESCOMBE up to 1689 (see GEORGE and. MARY). However, towards the later years of the 17th Century the records seem to indicate only one or two families residing in CULMSTOCK.

      UFFCULME AND CULMSTOCK 1600 - 1700

      HENRY* = m. JOANE

      (b. 26.2.1679) (buried 15.7.1705)


      (b. 5.9.1686) (b. 7.10.1688) (b. 14.9.1690) (b. 24.12.1695) (b. 28.3 97) (b. 19.5.1700)

      HOLCOMBE ROGUS 1600 - 1700



      It is clear that during this period, when GEORGE would have been born, there were numerous CHURLY families in East Devon but few records can be found, the two principal ones being the early years of the THOMAS CHURLY family at SAMFORD PEVERELL and the marriage and. birth of two daughters to URIEL CHURLY at BURLESCOMBE. (Hand written note by CBC “Uriel may have been an elderly man when he married.”)


      (at Uffculme on 26.12.1700)


      (at BURLESCOMBE)

      (B. 2.6.1712) (B. 11.4.1719)

      NB. URIAL CHURLY was Churchwarden for 1712.

      CULMSTOCK 1700 - 1720

      (d. 16.12.1728) 8.1.1701 (d. 19.5.1732)
      (at UFFCULME)

      JOHN? A DAUGHTER who married a JOHN THOMAS

      GENERAL NOTE. No births or baptisms were recorded in Culmstock or Uffculme during the period 1700 to 1720, except the above. This is in spite of the Mortgage Deeds of 1711 showing the following: -

      GEORGE CHURLY the younger of CULMSTOCK Sergemaker son of JOHN CHURLY of UFFCULME.
      HENRY CHURLY the younger Sergemaker of CULMSTOCK son of HENRY CHURLY of UFFCULME.

      ? Did whole family become Congregationalists or move into Somerset?