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201 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Cawthorne, Stephen David Rupert (I366)
202 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Steve (I591)
203 The lists of land Tax Assessments, commencing in 1780, show that URIAL, then aged only 34, was farming as a tenant the following lands - (see memo. on Map of Uffculme.).

PARKS £6 8 5d.
TANNERS £1 8 6d. (Part of GADDON?)

In about 1780 Urial marries ELIZABETH BALLYMAN (assumed SLEE) and in 1781 his first son, URIAL, is born and dies and in 1783 his daughter Anne was born (died 1789) and in April 1784 his wife ELIZABETH dies.


It seems that the ‘Ballimans” were yeomen farmers at the start of the 17th Century in the Uffculme Parish and URIAL marries ELIZABETH -presumably a granddaughter of a Ballyman, in 1792.

Since 1792 the name has been borne by one or more of each generation of Churleys/Cawthorne down to the present GEORGE WILLIAM BALLIMAN CAWTHORNE - 5 generations. However, the surname Ballyman, or similar spelling of the name, does not appear as such in records after 1837, so the last male Ballyman may have died prior to that date.

On 9th September 1792 he marries ANNE BALLYMAN SLEE (assumed sister of ELIZABETH) and in 1793 a son THOMAS BALLYMAN is born, followed by URIAL 1795 (dies 1805) and in 1798 ROBERT, 1801 CHARLES and 1804 WILLIAM BALLYMAN (died 1821).
URIAL was helped by his brother JOHN, 16 years his junior, whilst his eldest brother NICHOLAS was farming his own freehold - two small farms near CRADDOCK (BARTLETTS £1. 12. 1d. and late RUGGS £1. 5. 0d.) helped by the second and third boys HENRY and GEORGE.

URIAL must have been an extremely successful farmer, as by 1800 he had acquired the freehold of GADDON - or rather that part of GADDON adjoining PARKS with its fine house and farm buildings (See photograph). His farms and house in 1800 were:-
As tenant PARKS £6. 8. 5d.
BROADHAMS £1. 15. 7½d
As owner Pt. GADDON £3. 4, 6d.
-ditto- 10, 9d.
As owner but let: WIDON MARKS 3. 7d.
TOTAL £12. 13. 7d.

and probably he still farmed part of TANNERS MEADOW £1. 8. 6d.

In 1800 his younger brother JOHN had purchased Pt. of ROCKHOUSES (may be PARKHOUSES) and by 1809 The PARKS and MAJILAKE were farmed by JOHN alone. By this time JOHN had purchased a fine house on the edge of the town at COLDHARBOUR called ROACHES HOUSE (built 1720 a see photo).

In 1829 when URIAL died, his eldest son THOMAS seems to have exchanged the freehold of his GADDON FARM and HOUSE for the freehold of Mr. HURLEY’s GADDON FARM and HOUSE on the other side of the road and to have farmed both parts - a considerable area assessed in total at £7. 9. 7½d.) This should be checked.

With THOMAS and his UNCLE JOHN running the farms for URIAL, there would have been little prospect for ROBERT and CHARLES who therefore became butchers in UFFCULME, no doubt having been set up as such by their father as partner in one business.
When URIAL died in 1829, his wife ANNE seems to have built NEW HOUSE, presumably leaving THOMAS and his family in GADDON. In 1841 she was living in East Street, Uffculme and at the date of the census had living with her Thomas’s 13 year old son, URIAL. Her son, CHARLES and his wife ELIZABETH were living at the same date in East Street with their five daughters. By 1841 GADDON had passed out of the family and Thomas was in business as a Butcher in BRIDGE STREET and as a farmer with his wife ELIZA in CRADDOCK. ROBERT had obtained a farm in Cullompton but still ran the butcher’s business in Uffculme with CHARLES.

CHURLEY PROPERTIES about 1800 to 1810

URIAL 1800 Land Tax Assess
Owns and farms GADDON £3. 15. 3d.
Owns and lets WIDOW MARKS 3. 7d.
- ditto - ROWSELLS 3. 7d.
Farms as tenant PARKS £6. 8. 5d
- ditto - MAJILAKE 7. 1½d
- ditto - BROADHAMS
JOHN Urial’s younger brother 1809
- ditto - ROACHES HOUSE 4. 2d
Farms as tenant PARKS £6. 8. 5d

NICHOLAS Cousin who married SOUTHWOOD
Owns and farms BARTLETTS £1. 12. 1d
- ditto - Late RUGGS £1 . 5. 0d

Drawn for Mr. William Hurley showing his estate in 1805


This most Interesting map was shown to me by a Mr. Disney in October 1975. Mr. Disney owns and farms PARKS, an area of little under 200 acres and for which in 1973 he was offered £100,000. This area was in 1805 owned by Mr. HURLEY and farmed by JOHN CHURLEY - URIAL’ s younger brother; it lies south-east of the River CULM and was bordered on the south-east by a road. On the further side of this road lies the freehold land and farm GADDON owned by URIAL in 1805 adjoining JOHN TANNER’s land to the south. The tax list for 1822 shows that WILLIAM - URIAL’ s youngest son - rented this part from Ann Tanner. (as William appears to have died in 1821, the record may not have been updated or the William is a son of JOHN - URIAL’ s brother.)

MAP OF UFFCULME & DISTRICT - revised 1903-1929

This map shows the railway line and the CULM running straight across PARKS, whereas the 1805 mp shows no railway and the CULM taking a meandering course as it now does both north and south of PARKS.


I had a very strange feeling walking across the Parks late on a September afternoon in 1975 from BULLMORE to the weir -the same short cut that URIAL would have taken from GADDON to UFFCULME two hundred years before. The old house BULLMORE (QUEEN ANN) and the fields being grazed by Friesian cattle would have seemed the same then as now.

This map shows GADDON, but GADDON HOUSE has clearly been modernised since ANN TANNER lived there over 150 years ago.
GADDON itself is a large house and probably has not changed much, as is shown by the photograph. 
Churley, Urial (I71)
204 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F251
205 The phote is marked "Cousin Ellen (Wedgwood) - Percy James 1st cousin" and is one of a set taken by Boning & Small Photographers. The other two photos in this set have been annotated as "Percy James Popplewell's cousin Barnard Rook with whom Percy spent two years travelling on the Continent - studing art. Taken before study" and "Grandma Popplewell (Elizabeth). The photes are numbered 7041, 7042, 7040 respectively. Maxted, Annie Ellen (I272)
206 The phote is marked by Minnie as "Grandma Popplewell" and is one of a set taken by Boning & Small Photographers. The other two photos in this set have been annotated as "Percy James Popplewells Cousin Barnard Rook with whomPercy spent two years travelling on the Continent - studing art. Taken before study Barnard, Elizabeth Ann (I149)

Although a modern dictionary describes a CHURL as a person of low birth, the opposite to a “gentleman”, when considering the meaning of the name we have to look back many centuries - perhaps to the Norman conquest - when it seems that surnames first became in regular usage.

Prior to the Norman Conquest the Anglo Saxon society consisted of three broad classes. There were firstly the warrior kings or local war lords living in great halls.

Beneath these war lords and their families was the solid middle class of CHURLS, who in these Saxon times were the freemen living in well built wooden houses. They held plots of land and in return they expected to fight for their lord and to provide him with a share of their crops. They were buried with a spear, a knife and perhaps a shield and their wives’ graves contained a number of bronze brooches.

These solid yeomen were skilled farmers and. their intensive farming gave a sound economic basis to England before the Conquest.

At the bottom of the social pyramid were the serfs, who spent their whole lives in serfdom. They lived in rude huts and were buried with only a knife.

It needs little imagination to suggest that after the Conquest a yeoman farmer could have been described as a CHURL and eventually carried this as a surname.

A Dictionary of British Surnames published in 1958 makes no mention of any names remotely similar to Churley.

The evolution to the present spelling of CHURLY and CHURLEY would appear to be:-
Up to about 1580 CHURLYE
From 1580 to 1657 CHURLE and CHURLYE
From 1654 to 1786 CHURLEY
From 1786 onward CHURLY or CHURLEY



The early wills, which existed, are no longer available, as the Devon Probate Registry records were destroyed by bomb damage during the Great War, but the following wills had been recorded. (See “Devonshire Wills” by Charles Worthy).

1623 THOMAS CHURLY of Ullowman, Taylor, left to Elizabeth daughter of James Churley 20 shillings.

1624 John Osmona of Chilloman, Halberton, left 20s. to Mary Churly laughter of ZACHARY Churley at 18.

1487 ROBERT CHURLEY of Tiverton married Elisabeth bad four daughters and no sons.

The recording of BANNS became compulsory in 1699.


Began in 1538 under Henry VllI, but not fully maintained until the reign of Elizabeth I.

Each year began on 25th March until 1752, which changed to start at 1st January.


1617 Henry Churley of Stawley, Somerset, Yeoman.
1611 John Chorley Husband man Strawleigh Somerset.
1626 John Churly - do - - do -.
1628 Margery, Widow of John Churley.
1647 John Churley of Milverton, Son to Nicholas.
1654 Robert Churley of Culmstock Devon, “Fuller”
1681 Nicholas Churley of Cullumstoke Devon, “Clothier” 
208 There is a note on the back of a photo suggesting his wife was called Victorine but the photo is thought to be of Gertrude Victorine Churly the sister of Alfred Matthew Churly (Cawthorne).

NSC : Did George also go to Mauritius as a Construction Engineer in Port Louis? Unsourced note says there was a daughter. More research needed (in Mauritius!). 
Cawthorne, George Adolphus (I43)
209 There's an Alfred Cawthorn (aged 25 and therefore Born in 1826) in the 1851 Census with his wife Sarah (25) at 2 Alfred Road in Bermondsey. Profession shown as Stock Broker Clerk.
QUESTION Is this the Alfred Cawthorn who went Mauritius? 
Cawthorn, Sarah (I665)
210 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Cawthorne, Geraldine (I385)
211 This is the first marriage of Sarah Ann Gough whom George James Cawthorne later married in Handsworth, Staff on 19 August 1891. Sarah Ann is described elsewhere as being much older than George and as being an elderly widow. Family F245
212 This was NOT a marriage, but there was one daughter : Leora Cawthorne. See the 28 May 1968 item in The Glasgow Herald:


Lady Rosemary MacTaggart (40), estate owner, of Knockie Lodge, Whitebridge, Inverness-shire was fined £10 at Inverness Sheriff Court yesterday for having a Beretta pistol at her home without holding a firearms certificate.

Lady MacTaggart was charged in the name of Rosemary Williams or MacTaggart or Cawthorne. A plea of guilty on her behalf was contained in a letter from an Inverness firm of solicitors. Originally she had tendered a plea of not guilty.

Mr William Paterson, procurator-fiscal, explained that the complaint arose in the course of police investigations which culminated in a man being convicted of attempted murder.

During these inquiries Mr Paterson said Mrs Cawthorne, as the accused then wished to be known, was found to possess a Beretta pistol without holding a firearms certificate.

Sent to Prison

She told the police that sh had thrown the pistol into Loch Knockie and the fiscal said that he believed this was true.

Lady MacTaggart's solicitors suggested that she might be given a complete discharge but Sheriff-substitute Douglas A Donald imposed a £10 fine.

At the High Court at Perth in March (1968), Richard Graves Martin Cawthorne, aged 42, a former commando and shooting instructor, was sent to prison for nine years after he was found guilty of attempting to murder four persons, including Lady MacTaggart, at Knockie Lodge on December 3 (1967).

A subsequent appeal by Cawthorne against his conviction was dismissed. During the trial Lady MacTaggart said she was the wife of Sir James MacTaggart but changed her name by deed poll and lived with Cawthorne as his wife for two years.


Jun 1973 : Rosemary Mactaggart marries Robert A C Hamilton (13th Lord Belhaven and Stenton - Scottish peer). This would explain why Geraldine (21 May 2016) said that Leora originally had the name Hamilton (although Leora was registered at birth as Leora Julien Mactaggart). Divorced in 1986. Rosemary Mactaggart was born Rosemary Williams, the daughter of Sir Herbert Geraint Williams.

Rosemary Mactaggart (née Williams) appears to have had five children:

With Sir Ian John Auld Mactaggart:, 3rd Bt (married 18 June 1946, divorced 1969)
06 Feb 1949 : Jane Lindsay Mactaggart
21 Jan 1951 : Sir John Auld Mactaggart, 4th Bt
12 Sep 1953 : Fiona Margaret Mactaggart
26 Feb 1956 : Philip Auld Mactaggart

Nominally (as per Peerage News) with second husband Robert Anthony Carmichael Hamilton, 13th Lord Belhaven and Stenton (but in practice with Richard Cawthorne):

Leora Hamilton : note that Leora's birthday (18-Nov-1966) is not given on the related "Peerage News" listings. 
MacTaggart, Lady Rosemary (I383)
213 This was not a real marriage but Lady Rosemary MacTaggart changed her name by deed poll to Rosemary Cawthorne. There was one child : Loera Cawthorne [?]. This is one of Richard's eight children. [six in Canada?, one here and one more with his next wife Ruth?] Family F142
214 Tony Chapman says that "Mary Farr" is something to do with the Quakers. Farr, Mary (I82)
215 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Chapman, Anthony Edwin Cawthorne (I126)
216 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Wootton, Tracey (I439)
217 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Cawthorne, Vivi Andersen (I423)
218 Watchmaker and Jeweller and Gunsmith Wheatley, George William Robert (I220)
219 Wickcliffe was a Protestant theologian. All the seven children (apart from George and ?) had a strong Protestant name, eg Alan David KNOX Cawthorne, John Arthur TINDALE Cawthorne, Richard Graves MARTIN Cawthorne and David John HOOPER Cawthorne, because their father George Cawthorne (né Churley, but changed his name to Cawthorne) was strongly anti-catholic! However all of the six, part from George the eldest were RC. Cawthorne, Elizabeth Edith Wickcliffe (I340)
220 WILL :
Annie Francis CAWTHORNE of Robin Hill Lodge Fairfield Road Eastbourne died 17 February 1943 at Esperance Nursing Home Hartington Place Eastbourne Probate LEWES 13 April to Alfred Matthew Cawthorne Architect. Effects £5,069 13s 4d 
Woods, Annie Francis (I12)
221 WILL :
Caesar James Otway Loftus Waller otherwise Otway of 33b Julian Road Folkestone dies 17 February 1950 on the main Folkestone - New Romney Road, Kent Probate London 8 August to Muriel Marguarite Waller widow. Effecrt £30,809 1s 5d.
[Did Otway die while on a family picnic "pass the mustard" he said, and collapsed according to my Mother Mary Cawthorne].
Waller, Ceasar James Loftus Otway (I120)
222 WILL :
Clement Bowlby CAWTHORNE of Dungate Manor Flanchford Road Reigate Heath Surrey died 22 March 1995 Probate Brighton 3 May £275728. 
Cawthorne, Clement Bowlby (I3)
223 WILL :
George James CAWTHORNE of 61 Petty France Westminster Middlesex died 21 Oct 1929 at the Cottage Hospital Purley Surrey Probate London 6 February to Alfred Matthew Cawthorne architect Edith Ellen Tom (wife of Nicholas Edward Tom) and Arthur Owen Warren solicitor. Effects £52,989 19s 1d. 
Churley (Cawthorne), George James (I26)
224 WILL :
Kathleen Frances Matthews of Sierra Vista Apartado 62 Mijas Malaga Spain died 9 June 1987 Administration with Will London 4 July £98088 in England and Wales 8851107946Z 
Cawthorne, Dr. Kathleen Frances (I13)
225 WILL :
Leighton Hargrave CAWTHORNE of Doucegrove Farm, Horns Cross, Northiam, East Sussex died 20 February 1977 Probate Bright 1 June £170,174. 
Cawthorne, Leighton Hargrave (I16)
226 WILL :
Muriel Marguerite Waller of 104 Bouverie Road West Folkestone Kent died 07 June 1993 Probate Brighton 23 November £816,373. 
Cawthorne, Muriel (Margaret) Marguerite (I15)
227 WILL : Albert Ballyman Churly of Beauchene, Fox Hill, Upper Norwood, Surrey died 29 May 1910 Probate London 6 October to Emily Jane Churly widow Edith Ellen Churly spinster and Alfred Matthew Cawthorne architect. Effect £844. Churly, Albert William Ballyman (I18)
228 WILL : Edith Ellen TOM of 4 Birdhurst Road South Croydon Surrey died 14 October 1965 Probate 3 December to Barclays Bank Ltd £12,013 Churley, Edith Ellen (I25)
229 Will : Shirley Charles Cameron Mitchell of Charlcot, Trumps Green Road, Virginia Water, Surrey died 20 November 1956. Probate London 4 February to Westminster Bank Limited and George Frederick Blois stock Exchange member. Effects £21,643 1s 6d.
Note : "Mrs James" the housekeeper is reported to have stolen/sold some of Grandfather's jewellery. Her boyfriend reportedly went to prison, while Mrs James said "he'd gone to Denmark".  
Mitchell, Shirley Cameron Charles (I451)
230 WILLIAM BALLYMAN probably married ALICE PARTRIDGE, having a daughter, HARRIET, born 22nd January 1844 at Tottenham. WILLIAM died aged 44 at Lambeth. HARRIET married a Dr. HARLAND in Germany and they had one daughter. She was staying at HAWTHORN' COTTAGE in 1900, when they were awaiting news of the relief of Mafeking, and no doubt because she was 40 much older than her cousins, was referred to as "AUNTIE HARRIET" - her husband being known as "Uncle ERNEST". She was 26 years older than her cousin ALFRED and only one year younger than her real aunt, SARAH Churly, William Ballyman (I45)
231 William Glasier died as a child, less than two years old. Glasier, William Baker (I502)
232 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Cawthorne, Simon Charles Alan (I363)

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